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Special dispersant for grinding calcium carbonate

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I. Overview
The special dispersant for calcium carbonate is an anionic dispersant, which can be miscible with water in any ratio.
Chemical and physical parameters
Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent viscous liquid
Solid content: 42±1%
pH: 6.5-7.0
Viscosity (25℃): 250-450mPa.s
Two, product performance
This product is suitable for wet grinding of various grades of heavy calcium carbonate pigment system. Low energy consumption during grinding, low viscosity of the material after grinding, and good slurry viscosity stability at different temperatures and pHs.
Three. How to use
Wet grinding is 0.3-2% (calculated based on absolute dry powder). The specific dosage should be determined through experiments. Grinding 95 and above heavy calcium slurry with acidic dispersant can reduce the dosage.
Four, packaging and storage
1. This product is packed in 200L plastic drum or iron drum, with a net weight of 250Kg per drum or according to user requirements.
2. It is recommended to store at room temperature. The shelf life is ten months. If it is frozen, melt at room temperature, and use it after stirring evenly. The effect will not be affected.

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