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Chinese name: 4,4'-二氯甲基联苯
Chinese alias: 4,4'-双氯甲基联苯; 联苯二氯苄; 4,4’-双氯甲基联苯; 对二氯甲基联苯
CAS No:1667-10-3
EINECS number: 216-784-4
Molecular formula: C14H12Cl2
Boiling point: 184 °C / 0.2mmHg
Flash point: 196.3°C
Density: 1.195g/cm3
Appearance: white powder
It is the key intermediate for the synthesis of biphenyl bisphenylacetylene fluorescent whitening agent CBS-X, CBS-127, and can also be used as a pharmaceutical or resin intermediate.


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